2010 Primary School League Tables

December 16, 2010

The 2010 Key Stage 2 league tables for schools in England came out on Tuesday this week (December 14). Schooloscope uses scores from these tables to talk about exam results for primary schools.

The data we currently use is a year old, from 2009. We’ve decided to not use the 2010 figures yet.

This year, following industrial action led by the National Union of Teachers and the National Association of Headteachers, around one in four primary schools in the UK boycotted the SATs sat by pupils at the end of Key Stage 2. So the 2010 tables don’t report exam results for these schools.

The boycott varies by region. There are 13 local authorities (out of 152) where every school participated in the boycott. Other local authorities have far more complete data.

This all means that we don’t have enough information to make judgments for around 4,000 primary schools based on their latest data. (There are nearly 15,000 in England).

Were we to update Schooloscope right now with the latest data, a lot of schools on the site would “disappear” – becoming grey dots on the map, their pages now disabled.

That doesn’t feel like the right thing to do.

We’d like to find a way to compare like with like, and we’d like to be able to recognise schools that participated in the boycott without removing them from the site. As a result, it’s going to take longer than we’d like to incorporate the 2010 primary school data into the site in a fair and appropriate way – but we hope you can understand why.


3 Responses to “2010 Primary School League Tables”

  1. Anne Byrne Says:

    Please would you ensure that this process is carried out as quickly as possible – we have had an OFSTED since the one you refer to and were rated Good with Outstanding features, and a Church schools inspection that rated us as ‘Outstanding’. Our 2010 results were excellent, and my Governors and I would like to see this reflected in your rating. Many thanks, Anne Byrne, Headteacher

  2. Have you considered using data from https://www.raiseonline.org/ ? It’s far more complete and detailed than the skimpy summary data available from Ofsted. T&C restrictions probably currently preclude use, but it’s data paid for by the public, has been (supposed to have been) suitably annoymised for use by ‘authorised’ members of the public (eg Governors), and therefore ‘should’ be made available for use in Schooloscope.

  3. […] release is all about data. Last December, we didn’t include the Key Stage 2 league tables when they came out because around a quarter of the primary schools in England boycotted those tests. There would be […]

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